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Foundation solutions for Traffic Signs, Bollards, Emergency Call Boxes, and Airport Taxiway Lights

Texas Transportation institute

Watch our video on the initial crash-testing of our Sign Dart™ at College Station, Texas, at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI).  



Download a copy of our latest Ram Jack Sign Dart Presentation file.  This outlines the details of why we started this project, the science behind the technology, and explores the possibilities for use in other functional areas.


Bollard Path Control

Bollards used on streets or wharfs can be anchored down securely using our 100% steel Sign Darts™, allowing the posts to function at their peak capacity.

Emergency Call boxes

Ram Jack's Sign Darts can be used to stabilize emergency call boxes on university campuses or other public areas to ensure help remains available.

traffic & Roadway signs

Traffic signs can be strongly grounded via Sign Darts installed deep into the soil to protect against shifting from winds and other strong forces.

Airport Taxiway Lights

Sign Darts are perfect solutions to stabilizing airport taxiway lights so that airports can remain safe and organized.

About sign dart™

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Sign Dart is a product developed by Ram Jack to provide tailored stabilization solutions for applications such as traffic signs along highways or city roads where other solutions--such as helical or driven piles--are not necessarily ideal.

Technical Specifications

Just as our other products, Ram Jack's Sign Darts are made from 100% American-made steel.  The thermoplastic powder-coating protects from corrosion.  

Sign Darts have a lead helix disk to advance into the earth utilizing a hydraulic driver.  The disk resists compression and tension forces while a series of lateral fins serve to resist lateral forces.  The minimal size of the Sign Dart makes transporting and installing convenient.

engineered Solution

Our products are engineered from start to finish, which means not only are they backed by science, but they are continually tested and improved.  We strive to provide the highest quality materials and methods to each and every customer.

When you choose Ram Jack, you can rest assured the solution will be permanent and satisfactory.



The incredibly versatile Ram Jack Sign Dart™ reduces installation time as well as fuel and labor costs, making it an affordable and efficient alternative to other methods.


  • Installs in minutes, complete from truck to mounting the sign
  • No wait time for concrete to be poured or to cure; simply screw helical into the ground
  • One-trip installation; install signs immediately following helical installation


  • Wide variety of applications in varying environments and soil types
  • Easy reuse and repositioning; great for both permanent and temporary signs
  • Easy product replacement should system be compromised

Contact Info

Justin Presley

Phone: (580) 279-3318


To learn more about Sign Dart™, contact Justin Presley, General Accounts Manager at Ram Jack National, LLC.